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Girl group Brave Girls recently make an interview with E News 24, and answered things about their debut. They said, “We had a weak debut, but that played to our benefit.”

Member Eun Young started, “When we first began our promotions for ‘Do You Know’, we were just excited. Now, we’re determined to do really well.” Seo Ah added, “We’re lucky that we received another chance to recover from our debut. It would’ve been nice to have done well from the start, but I think it’s also fun to slowly work our way up.”

Their comeback song is named Easily, “It’s a fun, upbeat song but the lyrics are sad. It’s a song about hating a boyfriend that easily hurts you. Please enjoy the mismatched feel of it.”

The girls said, “We’re glad to be able to show off something that fits better for our age. Through this song, we hope that we’re able to get our names and faces out there.” Seo Ah explained, “It’s time to slowly show what kind of singers we are. We want to be regarded as singers who present good songs, but still know how to have fun and enjoy themselves. We want to always be with the public.”

Yoojin stated, “During ‘Do You Know’, we were too caught up in just dancing and singing properly, but now, we’re able to pay attention to the entire stage as a whole. Hopefully, we can show a more professional side to ourselves.”

Seo Ah continued, “During our debut, we were snared into a controversy for being too sexually suggestive. It wasn’t anything we intended, so we were quite upset whenever we were regarded in such a light, but still, we were thankful for the interest. We promise to work harder.”

They revealed, “Since we’re rookies, we share waiting rooms with other rookie girl groups. We think of them as friendly competition and hope that all of the rookie girl groups do well.”

And when they were asked about their abroad advancement, they said, “Even though we’re rookies, international fans have taken an interest in us. We will work hard so that we catch more of their attention.”

They ended the intervieww, “It’s Eun Young’s solo track and features her powerful vocals, so please take a listen to it. It’s such a waste to be included as a side track; we hope it will be used on an OST.”