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-What are some criticisms you have, as a producer looking out at the K-pop market?

“These days, audition programs are the newest trend. I think auditions themselves produce positive results however it’s the contestants’ music that poses a major problem. If the song becomes a hit on the show, the song immediately climbs the music charts the next day. Therefore, the songs produced for over 6 months by hardworking producers and artists don’t stand a chance against them. I wish they would make a separate music chart for audition contestants.”

-What next steps are you planning to take with the Brave Girls?

“I wanted them to be able to distinguish themselves from the many girl groups out there, so we tried some reggae, but now I’ve changed my mind. I realized that it may be better to attempt a genre that can be more well-received by the public. I will be including some of the music with which I feel most confident in their mini-album scheduled to be released next January.”

-People are saying that it isn’t easy to get Brave Brothers to write you a song.

“I try to be accommodating to the conditions they present, however, we have to go with my own concept for the song. I decide the concept first including the concept for the MV, ask the artist for their opinion, and decide whether or not we will make changes. If they can’t accept this, they’d be better off not asking at all.”

-As a producer, is there any idol groups you wish were your own?

“Hands down, TEEN TOP. I don’t know how rigorously their agency trained these guys, but they definitely stand out to me. If I tell them to do something, they will come back have had completed so much more. I produced their album that’s scheduled to be released next year, and I did not hold anything back. I gave them everything I had. I hope you guys will look forward to it.”
-Where do you get your material from?

“You have to work for it. I watch all the movies, dramas, and Youtube clips that I can find. As a composer, it’s important to be sensitive to everything around you. You need a live an honest life within your emotions. Always keep a recording device with you and record the thoughts that you have. These recordings become your biggest assets later on.”

-Any advice for those who dream of becoming the next Brave Brothers?

“I come from a humble background. Even people like me who started out from the rock bottom can succeed if you work hard. You must first clearly know what it is that you want in life. And when you realize what it is that you want, you must deny everything else to work towards that goal. By doing so, you will be able to face your hardships with joy. Even when I had fifty cents in my pocket and only a single bottle of soju in the fridge, I was happy because I had my music.”

-Do you have any bigger goals?

“I would like Brave Entertainment to stand side by side with the top 3 names in the industry, SM, YG& JYP. I have to work harder to accomplish this goal.”