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6-member rookie group Boyfriend recently revealed a situation that almost caused a delay in their album’s release.

Sitting down for an interview with Newsen, the boys went into some details about their preparation process for their 2nd mini-album “Don’t Touch My Girl”. “The album almost wasn’t released on time,”they shared.

Leader Donghyun explained, “I was sleeping in our dorm when I heard something crashing down in a half-asleep state. Then something fell down on top of my face and body… I opened my eyes out of surprise but it was so dark I couldn’t see anything, and my face was hurting… I first thought maybe it was sleep paralysis, but it had actually been the top bunk bed crashing down.”

At the time, Donghyun had been sleeping on the bottom level of the bunk bed while Youngmin slept on the top.

Donghyun continued, “I was worried that our comeback might be delayed. However, luckily, I got away with only scratches and bruises on my face… I was able to calm down after the initial shock.”

The other members blurted out that this wasn’t the first time they had an incident like this. They stated, “But this wasn’t the first time. This happened to Minwoo when Jungmin was sleeping on the top bed.”

Youngmin added, “Yesterday, I was climbing into bed to sleep but  it almost crashed down again, scaring me.” Despite the uncertainty they must face every night, the members smiled cheerfully as they stated, “We’ll try to think of ourselves lucky for it could have been a lot worse.”

Boyfriend is currently in the midst of promotions for “Don’t Touch My Girl”. The members expressed their confidence about their new song, stating, “The beat is fast and the song feels exciting, however the lyrics are sad. We sang this song in the way only Boyfriend could, so we think people will find this refreshing to listen to.