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Diet of the girl groups is a very common knowledge to all of us, as they are recquired to maintain their body. However, even boy groups still need to do it to have a great figure, something like TVXQ or 2PM. That is why, recently, rookie group, Boyfriend revealed their diet ways.

The members of the group stated that they may look fine in person, but cameras has an effect of making people look 1.5-2 times larger than what they are in truth. Hyunseong, Donghyun and Jungmin are carefully having their diet. Because of their engulfment with some basic works, the three of them do not follow the usual idol group diet that goes around with chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and bananas.

As stated by Donghyun, “Maintaining your weight is more important than weight loss. When we are busy, we adjust our overeating habits. Instead of only eating certain foods, we avoid fattening foods, eat a hearty breakfast, and preferably avoid eating after 6-7 PM.”

The group also have a section in their practice room in which contains their exercise equipment like the dumbbells and press. Their fans are also supporting them by giving them much food and other snacks. Unfortunately, the three younger members are the one who always eat the foods of their fans and just let their hyungs starve. Hyunseong and Donghyun expressed, “I think I’m going to die,” and “This view is so sad.” Youngmin added, “We eat, but the hyungs have to hold it, so we feel sorry sometimes.