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The vocal group BoM just made their comeback last month alongside with their first single, “Without You“,earning much attention for them. The group recently sat down for an interview with Newsen in which their leader Sechang, stated, “Our priority is for BoM to do well, but in the long run, we hope to do well in every aspect there is, which is why I think ‘ambitious idols’ fits us the best.”

They were a bit shy at first, then the main vocalist Raewon, “I like old ballad styles. I’d love to put out a solo album one day singing ballad songs completely in my own style. I emulate senior Kim Yeon Woo.”

Rapper Tagoon said, “I want to perform strong hip hop rap. I’d love to be able to work in a unit group with the hyungs in Block B. We all have something we want to do and have a lot of talents. We’re like an onion that still has something to show with each layer you peel off. Since we don’t have many members, listeners are able to really see the different charms in our parts.”

As compared to the ballad group, 2AM, their leader stated, “We’re similar in that we’re both vocal ballad groups, but they are still very much more talented than we are. As we are still rookies, we hope to stand on more stages, gain more experience, and hopefully improve with each new album. They’re seniors that we hope to learn from.”