Home » Bobby Kim says, “It’s a miracle I’m alive”

For Bobby Kim, the near-fatal accident he experienced back in April served as a turning point for him, and changed his entire perspective on life.

“It’s a miracle I’m alive,” he admitted. During his interview with Newsen, he revealed that he was in extremely critical condition, where the bottom half of his body had been paralyzed.

He opened up slowly, thinking back to the event. “I was at a second-floor bar, and I took one wrong step and fell. Looking back though, it’s a relief. At least I survived. I fractured my ribs as well as three different regions on my spine. It’s a miracle I’m alive. I was afraid I would never be able to sing on stage again. I was depressed… I thought it was the end for me.”

But Bobby Kim knew he had to stand on his feet again.

“I was covered in pads and guards while I went to physical rehab for 4 months. It hurt every time I took a breath, and I started to panic. How much would it hurt to sing a song? My good friend Park Sun Jooactually had to re-teach me how to sing, so to speak, starting with the breathing techniques. But now all my bones are healed and I don’t need to receive additional treatment or any more rehab. I’m healthy enough to freely move around stage,” he told Newsen.

Bobby Kim came back to the entertainment scene with a nationwide tour, and accepted a casting offer for MBC‘s “I Am a Singer“. He says that he gained strength and new confidence through performing on the show.

“They actually asked me to be on the show since before the accident, but my desire to join ‘I Am a Singer’ increased after my fall. I guess I wanted to use it as an opportunity to start fresh. If you were to ask me if my life has changed after ‘I Am a Singer’, I would tell you that yes, it definitely has. I’m more physically and mentally healthy, and confident. I’m so grateful.”

“Before the show, people knew my music but not everyone knew my face. Now, they recognize both me and my music so it makes me happy and I’m thankful. It’s just one of the things I realized during my tour. The younger fans, all the way to the eldery all know who I am. I think it helps that I cover a broad range of genres, from OSTs and ballads to rap and hip hop,” he said.

Bobby Kim was definitely nervous when he first joined ‘I am a Singer’, but after coming in at #1 the first week, he seemed to gain a little bit of confidence and it shows more with each performance.

“I want to be able to show my best performances each week. It’d be nice if I could stay until the end without being eliminated, but more importantly I want to show the fans everything I’ve got. I was under a lot of pressure in the beginning, but I think now I’m just going to enjoy myself on stage.”