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SM Entertainment’s leading solo female artist, BoA Kwon, had recently showed her picture with the legendary producer Quincy Jones. Yesterday, April 5th, BoA had tweeted, “Nice meeting you!” with and uploaded picture of herself with famous producer Quincy Jones embracing her petite figure.

Her petite body frame was all showed significantly with the bigger frame of the other. This action leads for her fans to comment about her cuteness and how she should eat more. “BoA eoni is so cute with that posed!” and “she should eat more even though her body is almost perfect!” has been all over in the social networking site.

Their meeting was reportedly done at the CJ E&M which is a company that manages concerts.

Quincy Jones is a legendary producer known for producing the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and has been nominated 79 times in Grammy Awards where he also get 27 wins, which leave his name in all legacy for all these years. He was expected to stay in Korea for a short time and will have some negotiations with Korea’s music industry representatives. They are all excited for the possibilities that may come out from their discussions.

BoAjjang, one of the leading English fansite of the star has recently released further information regarding the upcoming Hollywood movie debut of their idol. The dance film will be directed by Duane Adler and will be produces by Rober Colt. The title of the movie will be “Cobu 3d” and it is set to have its release in early months of 2012. BoA will be the one who will play the role of Aya with his male lead, Donny that will de acted by Derek Hough. Derek Hough is known from the U.S. TV show which is ‘Dancing with the Stars’. The synopsis of the story will be based from love and romance where Aya and Donny fall in love with each other, even though both of their families are enemies when it comes to the dance scene. The filming for this will begin in Spring in New York City and in Toronto, Canada.