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Kpop royalty BIGBANG under YG Entertainment has recently revealed their awaited comeback songs “Loser” and “Bae Bae” for the ‘M’ part of their comeback project “MADE – Series” last May 1.


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Let’s take a look on BIGBANG’s “Loser” music video.

In the MV, all of the five members has been shown to have different struggles.

In G-Dragon’s part, he feels alone and depressed. Although he has money and fame, he becomes lonely as he does not have anyone by his side. His part also goes, I was always alone. It’s been a long time since I’ve forgotten about love.”


He is seen walking around aimlessly and sometimes he lies on the floor. This shows that he does not know where he should be going, thus making him feel like a loser.

On Taeyang’s case, he was confused and had doubts with his faith. I hold out my hand, But no one holds it,” just like in GD’s case, he was alone and did not know where he should go to ask for help. At the end, he loses his battle against his own self and commits suicide.

Taeyang LOSER

T.O.P. on the other hand was shown to be a womanizer.Love them for one night, and hate them when morning comes.”

It was also shown that he was a perfectionist, or someone with ‘OCD’. He was wearing white gloves, probably so that he would not get dirty. Everything in his house was covered and it was all in white.


The two girls were also wearing white, signifying that T.O.P. also views them as objects. When they started to touch him and his things, he got mad and disposed of them. He breaks down as he started to realize what he has done and what he has lost.

Meanwhile, Daesung was being bullied which makes him feel like a loser. At some point I’ve gotten scared of people’s eyes,” he becomes afraid of what people would do to him. While looking at the mirror, he decides to fight back although he knows that he was not going to win.

Daesung LOSER

At the end he still got beaten up, the white handkerchief was also seen to be given to Daesung by someone who is important to him. He holds on into the handkerchief for support although he is still frustrated.

In Seungri’s story, he still chases for his ex-girlfriend who already has found someone new. He become obsessive, calling her every now and then.

Seungri LOSER

When he finally confronts his ex, she tells him that he does not want him back, thus making Seungri angry and becoming violent as he smashes up things.

At the end, the five members all gave in of their personal struggles, thus becoming ‘Losers’ in their own ways.

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  • AKB

    Everyone’s roles are reversed except GD. Taeyang and Daesung are representing each other’s “loser” aspect, and Seungri and TOP are doing the same.

    TOP isn’t a womanizer, rather he has spoken a lot about how he spent many years obsessing over his one main girl, and how it became choose her, or his pursuit of his career which she thought was fruitless. Seungri’s footage of TOP’s obsessing and being a LOSER.

    Seungri was involved in a sexual scandal where the woman spoke about him being physically abusive. TOP’s footage is of Seungri’s scandal making him a LOSER.

    Daesung was in a car accident that killed a man. The scandal was huge, and he later spoke of his struggles with suicide. He was raised very religious, and spent his days following the accident at a local church to try and stay grounded with the people their. Taeyang’s footage of “sin will find you” and suicidal tendencies is Daesung‘s LOSER story.

    I don’t have an explanation for Daesung’s footage about GD or Taeyang… But I know GD has spoken openly about things that connect with his lyrics on the song quite extensively… so that’s where my idea falls apart. But maybe there’s just some personal stuff about Tae we don’t know.