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Many was shocked when they had heard the news of Big Bang’s Daesung getting on an accident. Many speculations has been made until the accident was cleared 5 hours later. At first thought, the police had checked if the singer was under the influence of the alcohol but it was proven that he is not.

At first the police had said that the motorcyclist is still alive as they stated,“The motorcyclist has been admitted to the hospital where his death has yet to be confirmed. We are investigating whether or not alcohol was involved.” But, later on they had announced that the motorcyclist didn’t survived the incident and was dead,and they will be doing an autopsy to know the cause of his death.

Prior to that, the Seoul Young Deung PO police station had released the statement that involves the young singer as they stated,Big Bang‘s Daesung crashed into a passed-out motorcyclist with his car on the morning of May 31st at Yanghwa Bridge. The motorcyclist was already passed out due to a previous accident when Daesung crashed into him.”

The management company of Daesung, YG Entertainment had released a statement revealing the details of the accident. They had stated that at 1:40AM, Daesung was driving downhill in the area of Seoul’s Yanghwa Bridge and on that time, the star had collided into a taxi driver which was reported to gain no damages and does not experienced any major injuries. Thay had stated that Deasung was driving in the first lane when the taxi had suddenly switched from the first lane to the second one then back again, and so that is the time when Daesung had hit him. When the idol had gotten out from his car to speak on the driver, the driver had stated that he had switched the lanes to avoid hitting the motorcyclist that is infront of him.The two then both alerted the police as they had seen the motorcyclist bleeding on the road.

The police had asked the idol to stay for awhile to explained what had happened and after 5 hours of negotiations, they had released Daesung and let him home. They stated that Daesung had cooperated with them very well as he answered all the questions and done his best to help for the investigations.YG Entertainment had then released another statement stating that Daesung is very much sad over the accident and even busrt into tears when he saw what had happened to the motorcyclist.