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Big Bang Covers Vogue
The members of Big Bang went all out in their editorial for Vogue Korea.  The theme for the photo shoot was a boxing match with some fashionable twists.  Each member of Big Bang played a role for the photo shoot.  The editorial spread was definitely one-of-a-kind.  The boys are making a big bang for their comeback.  Big Bang made their comeback in February 22.  
The photo shoot was done in a basement were a boxing ring was prepped up.  The whole set looked authentic complete with all the props.  The boys were very happy and enthusiastic to be performing again.  They showed their enthusiasm in their photo shoot for Vogue Korea.  
Big Bang Covers Vogue
The boys played some roles for the photo shoot.  T.O.P. played the role of the round man.  He wore his pastel hued hair and looked dashing in his stylish ensembles.  Seungri played the role of the defending champion.  He is a stylish boxing legend that continues to rule the ring. Daesung played the role of the challenger who wants to oust Seungri from the pedestal. G-Dragon and Taeyang were their trainers.  Each of the boys was styled according to their roles.
Big Bang Coves Vogue
The boys looked fashionable in their sporty look.  They were styled in one of the hottest trends for spring/summer 2012.  Big Bang had always been labeled as fashionistas in the K-pop world.  They are able to change their image and fashion style repeatedly.
They recently made an appearance in the variety show Running Man.  It was their first-time group appearance for the show.  The boys participated in the shoot, and they even mingled with other stars on the show. Big Bang released some teaser photos and clips in for their much-awaited comeback. 
Big Bang Covers Vogue
They released their MV for Fantastic Baby where they showcased their amazing talent and insane fashion style.  The boys wore over-to-top outfits, which include printed suits, armors; costumes and urban street inspired pieces.  The video shows their taste in fashion.  The boys are not afraid to wear clothes that are loud and fashion forward.
Big Bang Covers Vogue
T.O.P. went overboard with the fashion forward look by sporting an aqua hued hair and pink eyebrows.  Some fans were amused by his new look.  Regardless, of the T.O.P.’s look fans were raving over their comeback performances.  Not only were they able to make such dramatic changes to their look they also performed better than ever. 

  • Katherine Castrejon

    I love how Daesung and Seungri are getting beat up and G-Dragon with Taeyang are just standing there watching.XD lol And T.O.P is the referee. WOW.