Home » Big Bang surpassed the 2million views for their MV “Love Song”

Big Bang has been creating another hit and now they are taking over not only the music scene on stages but also in the video sharing site, YouTube. Their music video for the song, Love Song has been hitting a major number of views on YouTube and the group’s fan club, V.I.P are being proud of them for getting many views just for the span of two days.

Big Bang had returned with their gorgeous black and white music video for Love Song. The song was said to be an emotional track that tackles a one lost love. It was set on a devastated landscape where you can only find smoke, fire and falling cars, the video surely makes up its lack of plot by means of its outstanding cinematograph and this makes people wonder how many takes does this video took to be able to show a perfect masterpiece.

The music video was officially unease on 14th of April and after two days of released, on the 16th; they had recorded over 2,000,000 views, hitting another history for the group. The video had also gained much attention and recognitions such as number one Top Favorite this week and number one Top Rated this week internationally, with much views coming from different places such as America, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, France, Mexico, Thailand and more countries.

With just a budget of nearing $200,000 USD, the group’s music video had been praised for its very simple style, with many even saying and categorizing it as a one of a kind piece of art. The song was on its fire as well, as it is a very different style from their previous song, Tonight and their other past releases.

Not only the number of views has been a good thing about the video, even their fan’s comments on the site was keep on coming, marking now for over 20,000 comments that are full of appraisals and outstanding reviews from them. There are some who had commented, “this? It is art” and “black & white suits them”

Let’s hope for more views to come!!