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On the June 6th broadcast of SBS Night After Night, each of the members of the group Big Bang had revealed their ideal types. Seungri is the one who revealed his type when he said that he likes girls who has a cute phone voice and a lot of aegyo. He also said that he considered the physical appearance a lot. When he was asked on who will be closest girl group member on his ideal type, he chose After School‘s UEE and stated, ”I didn’t really notice in the past, but working with her on broadcast programs made me realize how beautiful she is. But for now, it’s not anything possible.”

Daesung had stated, “I want a woman is understanding of my career. I’d like to be able to lean on her for support, and whether she’s older or younger than me, I’d like for her to be able to console me and give me strength when we’re together.” He also said that he wants a woman who have a very beautiful smile.

Member Taeyang also revealed,  “Someone who is on the same page as me. She needs to be understanding of me and the way I live my life, as well as be wise so I can learn from her. I’d like for her to stimulate me in a way that makes me want to work even harder. Ever since I was little, I’ve liked women with Western features.” T.O.P on the other hand said that he does not have any specific ideal types, but he wants her to be match with him, realistic and will lead him to the good line as he will be also learn from her. She should have good manners and very respectful to others especially to adults.

G-Dragon then expressed that what is important to him is that he will be comfortable with the woman. In the past, he has a detailed type of what he wants as he said that she should have short hair and tomboyish style. He also stated that he want someone who will be real in front of him.