Home » Big Bang G-Dragon’s Fashion was Criticized on “Infinity Challenge”

On the 10th of April, 2011, Big Bang’s very stylish leader G-Dragon had visited for the MBC “Infinity Challenge – Dinner Show Special” and there he had received much criticism about his fashion coming from the gagman Jung Hyung Don.

The singer had attended the dinner show while wearing a black skull print jacket with a pink muffler. Jung Hyun Don had dared criticized him by stating, “Your muffler doesn’t match your outfit. Mufflers were popular last year, and a blue one would have looked better than your pink one. Take off a few of your rings as well.” then he had then bravely continued, “its not G-Dragon’s music that’s the problem, but his fashion. I want to change it for him!” With a nervous laugh, he quickly added, “This is my first time putting my life on the line while saying something on broadcast.”

After that, his fellow gagman Park Myung Soo had said that he was currently thinking that there will much hateful replies which Jung Hyung Don will receive after the show, he then commented, “You’re dead meat now.” Though, Jung Hyung Don had agreed with it and said, “I’m going to be staying away from the internet for a bit.” As a little agreement for their conversation, the producers had put up the caption that reads, “VIPs making reservations for our message board?”

And also then singer Psy, who was also a guest on the program, had brought so much laughter in the whole show when he had shown his sweaty armpits. Yoo Jae Suk had then burst out and commented, “A hot spring exploded!”

On the other hand, there are already some comments posting up about the show as the fans had stated some appreciative and disagreement statements. There are some who had stated, “LOL. Its just for fun, no harm was done”, “though we know that it is just for funny show, they don’t need to say it that way”, “good thing he knows that VIPs are already after his head”, and “I don’t think VIPs will be that angry about him, they are understandable”