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Despite the continuous disagreement of fans earlier that they even signed such petitions just to avoid Big Bang getting to make their concert, but still the concert was taken and it had finally come to an end marking it a very successful one.

As we all know, Big Bang has already finished off their Korean promotions and activities earlier this month and so then they headed to Japan for their concert tour. On May 20th, Friday, Big Bang had finally completed their Love and Hope Tour in Japan. The tour ran out from the 10th of May up to the 19th. They had done a total of eight concerts that was held in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya respectively. The stated tour had garnered over 100,000 attendees and ended up for the tickets to be sold out.

Additional to those of their later hits namely Tonight and Love Song, the group had also performed their Japanese songs such as Lies and Haru Haru. They had also given out solo performances coming from members Taeyang, Seuingri and Daesung. There were also High High and Oh Yeah by G-Dragon and TOP.

On the second day of their tour, the group’s latest Japanese album was released entitled, “Big Bang 2”. The said albumn is very quick in reaching the first spot of the Oricon Charts and on the first week of its release, there is an over 65, 000 copies sold to all fans all over the country.

On the other hand, member G-Dragon had suffered to a leg injury, TOP was offered for another acting role and Taeyang celebrated his 23rd birthday. Fans wouldn’t know if they will be happy or not. Happy since the concert was finished safely, sad because their recent intentions were broke of by YG Entertainment. Still, fans had commented, “great to hear that they made it safely”, “aww. So good to know this news!”, “they did great! And I will purchase the big bang 2!!”, “woah. They ended it safely! Finally its finish!”, “when they are going back?” and also “they are all good! Haha. Be back soon~”.