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After a very long time, pop trio “Koyote” was finally back, and their member Baekga is happier than everyone else. In 2009, it was revealed that Baekga undergine a surgery because of a brain tumor. Baekga had took up photography as a side-job, thinking, ‘I might as well just take pictures since I’m sick.‘

He said, “I missed performing alongside my members a lot during my year-and-a-half recovery period. It was weird taking such a long break since I worked as an artist during my early 20’s, and performed every year ever since; I watched our past videos as I waited for our reunion. I was a bit disappointed that taking a break was unavoidable, but I’m glad I stuck it out now that we are reunited“.

Baekga commented, “The surgery went well and I’ve recovered from it a lot. Thankfully, it’s not going to affect the team’s activity, but just to be sure, I’m still getting check-ups regularly and I always have painkillers and medicine on hand. The most important thing is condition adjustment. It’s very sensitive so if my body is stressed, things might get worse and it could have an effect on my members, so I have to take precautions“.

He admitted, “I exercised a lot before my comeback so that I can lose the hidden fat I acquired. I even lost 11kg in almost 2 weeks. I tend to follow things through when I make up my mind. The weight came off rather fast when I just ate chicken breasts and ran for 2 hours everyday“.

Baekga also revealed that he is experiencing such effects from surgery, he stated, “My pronunciation wasn’t that great to begin with, but after the surgery, it became even worse; I’m trying to work on it more by slowing down when I talk and enunciating every word.”

Concluding, Baekga said, “My first is Koyote. Everything, including photography, I did was possible and successful because of Koyote. I didn’t have any special determination before the comeback. I want to enjoy being a part of Koyote and I hope people cheer us on throughout our activities“.