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B2ST  Kikwang who has built a strong fan base not only in Asia but also overseas in theUS, Europe and evenSouth America is a multi-talented idol. He does it all, as an idol group member, variety show MC, music program MC, and recently even landed a role in a hit new drama.

Differing from other idol stars that land main roles in dramas based on their popularity and fame alone, Kikwang started off his acting career with a small role and built experience over time to take on bigger, more important roles.

He started off with ‘HighKick‘, and moved on to ‘My Princess‘, and has now been cast in the new hit drama series, ‘I’m a Flower, Too‘. Enews24 recently sat down with Kikwang at a press conference for ‘I’m a Flower, Too’ on the 31st to discuss his career.

-What kind of role have you taken on this time around?
“I play the role of a rookie cop named Cho Maru. Its not the name of a Korean potato soup place (laughs). Maru falls in love at first sight with Bongsun (Lee Ji Ah), and he is a warm and fun character. I hope you guys will support me in the drama, even though my acting may be a little lacking.”

-You only had a few scenes in your last drama, ‘My Princess’, leaving fans wanting more. Is it different this time around?
“I have a lot more scenes now, and I think my fans will be able to see the actor Lee Kikwang in this project. There are a lot of fun and comical scenes that viewers can look forward to.”

-You have played pure and innocent characters for all three projects. Is this something you decided personally? Is there a particular role you would like to try?
“I think I need to take on these roles now in order to be able to handle more intense roles in the future.”

-In all three of your dramas, you fall in love with women who don’t return the same feelings.
“I think I’m good at acting head over heels for a woman. It was like the since the beginning. I have a scene where I fall for Yoon Siyoon hyung too. I wonder if I get picked for these because I am able to pull them off so naturally.”

-Do you like women like Bongsun in real life?
“I think girls like that are attractive. I don’t like girls that are fake and use manipulation to get their way. I like girls that although look cold and harsh on the exterior, are really warm and loving on the inside.”

This is your second project with Yoon Siyoon.
“I’m really comfortable with Siyoon hyung. I’m glad I get to work with him again… we joke around a lot during our breaks. We try to encourage each other while filming.“

-Who gives you the most pointers when you are on set?
“The director gives me pointers and advice when we film. I am working hard to be a lot more natural in my acting.”

-There are a lot of idol stars that are landing roles in new dramas. Any that you consider to be your competition?
“I don’t know about that, but I really look up to my senior Rain as both a singer and an actor. I wondered to myself how as a singer, he acted so flawlessly in ‘Full House‘, and I remember thinking that I wanted to be just like him.”

-Do you think you’re the best actor amongst your members?
“No, Doo Joon was also picked as the main role in an MBC drama as well.”

-How does the Kikwang on stage differ from the Kikwang on the small screen?
“Actor Kikwang is still very awkward. I actually cringe when I watch my scenes on TV, although when I watch myself perform on stage it doesn’t look weird…”

-You keep yourself extremely busy with acting, singing, amongst other activities. How passionate are you about acting?
“Its something I’ve wanted to try since I was a trainee. It’s something I really enjoy. If I have the right opportunities, I would like to continue to act, a little bit at a time.”

-What do you most enjoy, of all the things you are doing right now?
“I put my all into whatever I’m doing at the moment. This is the only way for me to repay all those people who have selected me to be a part of a new project.”