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Next in the line with Chuseok is b2st!

The members revealed through the official Cube Entertainment website that they would be spending time with their family this holiday to relax after a very busy year.

Doojoon wrote, “I think our parents and members will spend an enjoyable Chuseok.” He continued, “Spending time with your family during this time is very valuable, so I hope our fans will put aside their worries and troubles for the time being and enjoy themselves.”

Hyunseung added, “I want to have time to talk with my family and have a great time hanging out with the members. I hope you all will also converse with your family and spend a good time.”

The members also revealed their wishes for the holiday. Doojoon wished for“B2ST’s advancement and growth, good health for family, members, and fans, and world peace”, while Hyunseung’s wish was “More music related activities and advancement”.

Yoseob stated, “Good health and happiness for everyone I love”, and Junhyung wished for “Everyone to be healthy”. Kikwang said, “Happiness of my family and members and to become the best” and finally Dongwoon wished for “Everyone’s happiness and health.”