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The rookie group B1A4 garnered a lot of attention from the internationl fans and so expresses their gratitude by holding  showcase and fan meeting in Singapore. The group will be in Singapore from 7th up to 9th of August. On Monday, 8th of August, the group will hold a meet and greet show with their fans and on the following day, Tuesday, 9th of August, they are going to have a showcase and fanmeet.

The meet and greet show will begin at 7 PM at the Iluma. Iluma is a ten storey shopping mall that can be found in the Bugis district,this is also a shopping area that is popular amongst the Singaporeans. On this show, the fans can be able to get an autograph from one of the members and a handshake from all of them. The event is organized by Reer Media and is expected to be, “very memorable, up-close and personal.”

The showcase and fan meet will be held in the Rock Auditorium at Suntec. This will also include a performance from the group as well as having a time with them and a special event. Those who are going to attend would be able to interact with the members and a few of them will have an opportunity to play games with the boys.

Tickets for the event will start t S$68 and run to S$98 and S$118, depending on the seating position. The tickets for the meet and greet event would be only available to those people who will purchase the S$98 or S$118 for the showcase and so it will start at S$48. Other tickets will be on S$58 and S$68. Starting today, Wednesday, the tickets will be available in the ticketbooth, and those who will present a student pass upon the tikcet purchase will have a S$10 discount.