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It was recently announced by B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment that the group has signed a contract with top Japanese label, PonyCanyon, with whom B1A4 will begin their Japanese activities under. At the end of September, rumors arose of B1A4’s Japanese debut when the jacket proofs of their the group’s 1st Japanese single “Beautiful Target” arose on Twiiter.
Other Korean artists whose albums are distributed by Pony Canyon includes Jang Geunseuk, Ahn Jaewook, and SS501. In May, actor Kim Kimbum also signed a contract with Pony Canyon. B1A4 has already released their 1st Korean mini-album and music video in Japan through Pony Canyon as well, back in April.

An official from Pony Canyon said, “The members of B1A4 are different from other rookie groups right now with their music, choreography, and fashion sense.”

B1A4 is set to have their debut showcase inJapan titled “B1A4 -Japan Showcase Live 2011” on December 9th inTokyo at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball. In January 2012, they will also release a Japanese licensed version of their 1st and 2nd mini-album.