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Recently, there are many new idol groups that are forming here and then, but there is one that has been commented as quite unique because of their name, B1A4. The group was first introduced by means of webtoon or an online comic series. On the 11th of April, a representative of their management company had revealed the first member which is Jin Young and claimed that the artist had an exceptional music talent; he is also the leader of the group. “There are a lot of interesting pieces of information about B1A4 in their webtoon,” they stated. “Our agency is receiving a flood of calls asking for more information. Jin Young is the team’s leader and has been trained in composing, singing, and acting for a while now. He’s exceptional in musical talent, and their upcoming album will feature a song composed and written by him.”

Despite the many other boy bands who are scheduled to debut, such as Boyfriend, M-1, Block-B, and After School Boys, the newest group that had entered the list, B1A4 has been receiving a great response from people because of the style they use in publicizing their names through webtoons.

One representative of their management company, WM Entertainment had expressed, “Unlike his cute looks, Baro actually has a charismatic rap tone. He took over the entire rap making for their debut album, and has exceptional skill talent in that area” when the second member Baro has been revealed.

For the revelation of the third member, the company had then stated, “Gongchan is the maknae and the main vocal of the team. He not only has vocal talent, but impressive acting skills as well, so he will be able to promote in a variety of different areas.”

And for the fourth member, they had commented, “Sandeul is always smiling, so he makes people feel happy. He’s serious when he sings, though, which is why he’s the member that we all feel deserves to be the main vocalist.”

And at the very last, the final member was revealed, “CNU is a health enthusiast. He’s an impressive member with talent in both singing and rapping. CNU’s masculine and a bit on the quiet side, but has a charming smile that captures the hearts of women.” They continued, “With every unveiling, a lot of people have come to us with interest. First and foremost, we’d like to thank everyone for their interest in a rookie group that has yet to debut. We hope that you continue to give B1A4 your love and interest after their debut.” B1A4 was scheduled to debut by the end of this month.