Home » B1A4 reveals fanclub name, “BANA”

Rookie group B1A4 recently celebrated their 100th day as a group, yesterday, 31st of July. And fans all over the world sent their congratulatory words for the group and trend, LetsFlyB1A4.

B1A4’s leader Jinyoung posted on the group’s fancafe: “In conjunction with our 100th day, I come with a sur~prise present!!” He then proceeded to reveal that the boys had come up with a name for their fans. His explanation went as follows: “BANA” refers to “BA (Us, B1A4) NA (Our fans!)”, and put together it means “we have fallen for each other (BANADA)!” Jinyoung then expressed that all of the members of B1A4 are very happy about the cute name choice, asking fans if they like the name as well: “So from now, can I call everyone BANA~~???”