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The rookie group B1A4 was recently featured in Junior Magazine in which each page has a picture of the member holding a fruit. The fruit and the color will signifies the characteristics of each member as well as the style and personality of them. This also reveals the hidden scenes during their trainee days. Check out the nterview of the boys with their matching fruit below!

Banana Jinyoung
Jinyoung, the group’s leader, holds a banana up to his ear as if he’s talking into a phone. His dark shirt and faded jeans nicely accentuate his long torso. In the interview, it was revealed that Jinyoung, whose nickname is “Arctic Fox”, enjoys cooking. Apparently, the boys of B1A4 rotate cooking duties; Jinyoung and CNU are the team’s “mom and dad” who make the best meals. Having lived with each other for two and a half years throughout their trainee days, the two have formed a family-like bond.
When asked about his first impressions of the others, Jinyoung responded that he expected CNU “wouldn’t talk much,” for Baro to be “a frivolous, playful one,” Sandeul to be “completely innocent,” and Gongchan seemed “chic.”

Jinyoung revealed that he composed “Bling Girl” with the help of his members for the lyrics. He shared an anecdote about a time that the members connected a microphone to his laptop to work on the song, and the neighbors came after them because the rooms weren’t soundproof.

During the interview, Jinyoung voiced his hopes for a concert and a mini-fanmeet. He shared, “I want to make real music that we can enjoy together.”

Watermelon CNU
CNU’s self-assured, balanced stance matches him well: Known as “Pooh Bear” to the others, he seems to be always at ease. This is also the case in the picture, as CNU smiles easily at the watermelon he holds close to his shoulder. He finds a simple t-shirt and jeans to be the most suitable fashion style. While he doesn’t seem to be too into fashion, as his clothes are usually selected by his older sister, CNU isn’t frugal when it comes to music.

During the interview, CNU was seen to be true to his emotions. He revealed that the most difficult hardship during his trainee days was missing his family and friends, rather than the long choreography practices or the vocal training sessions. After B1A4’s first debut stage, CNU was unable to hold back his tears. He had dreamed of becoming a singer since he was younger, and had maintained his focus on his dreams.

He revealed, “The important thing is to not lose your ‘rookie’ state of mind. I think that no matter how much you succeed, if you lose your heart, there will be no meaning. I don’t want to be someone who cannot stand proud in front of the family and fans who are looking out for me.”

CNU anticipates the moment that B1A4 will be able to hold their own solo concert, and promises to show his fans a “strong but sexy” rock stage.

Pineapple Baro
The page with B1A4’s resident rapper Baro shows the boy with a surprised expression on his face and a pineapple on his head. Baro is the only one in the group with a blood type B (the other four members have blood type A). However, he revealed that the members’ minds “match well with each other” despite different personalities.
Baro spoke of their dormitory, saying that the commute to school was the hardest part about living in a dorm for him. As the dormitory was about two hours’ drive from his school, it was difficult for him to wake up early in order to get ready. He did, however, enjoy school life.

Nicknamed “Squirrel” for his energetic nature, Baro exerts so much energy that he tires out by the afternoon; however, he dreams of holding an all-night concert for his fans someday. He will “jump around like crazy” with his fans when performing, “rest a bit” when he becomes exhausted, and “perform again.”

Baro wrote all of the raps for B1A4’s mini-album “Let’s Fly”, but he acknowledges he still has a ways to go. He greatly respects Tiger JK, and would like to learn rap skills from his senior.

Orange Sandeul
Main vocalist Sandeul holds not one but two oranges above his head, almost like ears. This helps solidify his image as a cute, innocent boy. During interviews, Sandeul is often told by the other B1A4 members to answer the questions given to them. The “Gentle Breeze Dance” part of the “OK” choreography was apparently based off of his name.

In the interview with “Junior” magazine, Sandeul revealed how hard he had worked to diet during his trainee days. He admitted that he had been chubby, but he had weighed himself weekly and had set goals for himself to lose weight. He shared a story about how he had run on the treadmill all night to lose the last kilogram.

After discussing his trainee diet, Sandeul addressed plastic surgery accusations. An international fan had left a comment on one of Sandeul’s old photos “Sandeul is: cute since he got plastic surgery~”. Sandeul said, “I was really shocked when I heard about this!” He emphasized that he’s afraid of knives and has “no plans to have any knives held against [his] face.” He also mentioned how he had switched to contact lenses from the strong prescription glasses he had previously worn. He went on to say that knowing the importance of your “God-given body” is the start to doing good deeds for your parents.

His musical influences include Eric Benet, Kim Yeonwoo, Park Hyoshin, and g.o.d. Sandeul promised to work hard for the opportunity to hold a joint stage with any of them.

Grape Gongchan
In the page spread, Gongchan has a surprised, happy expression as he holds the grapes in his hands. Although Gongchan “was really shy” and had “chic looks” when they first met, as the boys got to know each other more, they became strengthened by his smiling face and aegyo. Gongchan is the youngest of the B1A4 boys, but his hyungs have an unusual adoration for him. For example, Sandeul is said to only look at Gongchan: Even his laptop background picture is of Gongchan.
The boys see each other as a family: Jinyoung as the dad, CNU as the mom, and Baro and Sandeul as Gongchan’s older brothers. While he is the youngest of his group, he still has a mature side due to being the oldest at home, so he takes good care of his hyungs despite his age.

He shared a story from the first time he recorded his singing: Apparently, Gongchan was so nervous that his voice “froze to a point where [he] couldn’t hear it.” But the thought of his hyungs cheerfully singing empowered him to start recording again. When he was content with the recording, Gongchan flashed a “shining halo” of a smile.
Gongchan then spoke of his ideal type. The person has to have a “cute bunny-like or frog-like face,” only love him, and match with him “like bread and butter.” He enjoys ballads, but he wants to be a singer capable of songs regardless of genre. While the youngest, he has lofty goals; his ambition is for B1A4 to “hurry” and have their own solo concert.