Home » B.E.G’s Jea cried while revealing their past
On October 2nd, they sat down for an interview withe MBC‘s ‘Section TV’, and were asked about the biggest change since their debut. Member Jea replied with a sheepish smile, “Money.”

She suddenly burst into tears as she explained, “Before our debut, even when buying ddukbokgi, Ga-In, who was a student at the time, still had to pay the same amount as us. When I think about that, I feel so sorry to Ga-In.”

The other members also could not hold back their tears as they reflected upon the difficult times they had to endure during the past.

Jea also embarrassed Ga-In when she revealed, “Ga-In is still close with Jo Kwon from acting as the ‘Adam Couple’ on ‘We Got Married’… I wish Ga-In and Jo Kwon would just get married. I can trust Jo Kwon.”

During the interview, the girls discussed the behind-the-scenes story on Ga-In’s ‘dolphin sound’ and their relationship with the Wonder Girls. They also carried out a special mission of finding matching friendship rings on the show.