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On October 2nd, MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment Show‘ featured an interview with the Brown Eyed Girls who have made their comeback after 2 years with a sexy, brand new album.  The interview attracted many TV viewers as it contained an emotional story told by Jea about fellow member, Ga In.  Jea could not hold back her tears which caused everyone to be in silence.

In the beginning, the girls were asked what has changed the most after their debut in which Jea responded, “money“.

She continued, “Prior to our debut days, we were so poor that even maknae, Ga In who was a student had to contribute the same amount of money even for a single dish of Ddukbokki.  When I think back to those days, I feel sorry to Ga in the most.”  Suddenly,  the idol had tears pouring down her cheeks which caused the rest of her members to do the same.

Surprisingly, member Narsha did not drop a tear and stated, “I’m the type who sheds tears in the inside” which caused the members to crack up, brightening everyone’s mood.

In related news, Ga In shared her signature ‘Dolphin Noise‘ and other unique talents during the show.