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The current Japan’s leading girl group, AKB48, had showed their love and support to Girl’s Generation. Recently, Members Kikuchi Ayaka, Oota Aika, Nakagawa Haruka and five other members of AKB48 attended the concert of SNSD in Tokyo and so they immediately stated their experiences regarding the event.

The group is also reported to visit SNSD backstage and took a pictures with them. The group also praised the girls regarding their styles and dances.

Kikuchi Ayaka also stated, “I went to SNSD’s live concert. I’ve really learned a lot. They were really good in dancing. Indeed, their styles were really cool. I was shocked. I’ve already surrendered.”

Member Oota Aika wrote, “They were really cute. It was touching and fun. Even though there were 9 members, they were always together in their performances and I was touched by this.”