Home » After School’s Lizzy on her far-reaching list of celebrity friends!

After School‘s resident cutie-pie Lizzy recently displayed her far-reaching list of celebrity friends. She proudly stated, “I’m close with a lot of people through variety programs, including Yoo Jae Suk oppa,Song Joong Ki oppa, Jung Hyung Don oppa, and Lee Gwang Soo oppa… Yesterday, I had a chat with Jae Suk oppa after going out with both Joong Ki oppa and Gwang Soo oppa.”

Through her various variety show appearances, Lizzy has managed to build up quite a contact list. She continued, “Jae Suk oppa calls me whenever I appear on a variety program… He’s a good senior who gives me advice on what to do.”

Sitting down for an interview with TV Report, Lizzy also mentioned her plans for the future. She stated,“In the short-term, my dream is to be an MC for a music program… My future plans are to become a professor in broadcasting.”

Meanwhile, Lizzy is currently in the middle of successful promotions with Orange Caramel‘s “Shanghai Romance“.