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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has been taking another craze to all of his fans. Recently we had reported the “jaejoong’s effect” where his display image in his twitter’s account is in sideways. It is so funny how almost all of his fans had followed suit after him, but the best part is that co-member Kim Junsu had also done it yesterday. So will Park Yoochun also do it?

Yesterday, Jaejoong had tweeted, “Infinite’s nothing’s over is nice” that apparently gains a lot of attention coming from people. The said tweet had become a “top tweet” when almost thousands of people had retweeted it and at the same time replied on it.  This is something new coming from the singer especially him, complementing his junior’s song. The group Infinite hasn’t says anything about it yet but surely this can make them proud since Jaejoong is one of the most respected artists in the industry. It is good to hear that Jaejoong is listening to other artists songs and make a good comment about it, a good complement coming from one greatest senior will be like a cloud nine to Infinite and as we all know Jaejoong doesn’t comment that much when it comes to other artists. Jaejoong had also expressed on of his interview that he always listen to their (TVXQ) songs which somewhat make him cry and disappointed since he can’t sing those songs anymore.

On the other hand, many of his fans were shocked and had expressed their feelings by saying, “oh. We didn’t know that oppa is listening to Infinite’s songs”, “woah, always a good senior complementing his juniors”, “how about Infinite’s before the dawn? It’s also good~” and “kyaaa~ we should listen to Infinite from now on~!!”

Currently, Kim Jaejoong is now on Taiwan for their JYJ World Tour Concert, It was also reported earlier that member Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun was already on their flight to follow their director. Let us wait for another awesome and daebak performance coming from the trio. Moreover, their charity program for Japan hasn’t still settled since the supposedly venue had cancelled the event because of their current lawsuit to their company.