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The past month has been a very happy month for fans in Europe. Management Company SM Entertainment had announced that they will be going to conduct the very first K-Pop and SM Town Live Concert in Europe and it will be done for the very first time in Paris, France on the 10th of June in Le Zenith de Paris. European fans are very happy and excited about this SM Town Live in Paris that all of the tickets for the concert were sold out 15 minutes after they were released in the public. There are a total of 6,000 that were sold out.

However, some fans in Europe had begun their protest as they wanted the company to have an additional date for the concert. The venue of the place only has 6,000 available that leads for more fans to take no tickets and disappointed. On Sunday, May 1st, the fans protest had attracted hundreds of fans who dances and sang on the Louvre and this had caught both local and Korean media’s attention. As a result of their doings, SM Entertainment announced that they are going to consider adding another date. After the company had checked all the schedules of their artists, they had officially announced that they will be going to add a second tour date for SM Town Live in Paris that will be on the following date of the first one, June 11th and it is still on the same venue, Le Zenith de Paris.

The FaceBook page, “concertkpop”, where the Paris protest/flashmob was originally planned stated, “And it is indeed June 11th, 2011, still at Le Zenith de Paris, all of us have succeeded in obtaining the 2nd date for the first real Kpop concert in Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to the Director of the Korean Culture center, without whom none of this would have been possible.” and “Prepare yourselves, the seats will be available…tomorrow…And also, do not buy from scalpers!!!!”

And it seems that all of the efforts that the European had pushed off had finally gained its price as this announcement was made!