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As the Webmaster of KPopMusic.com, I welcome you to the K-pop music world. We welcome any person who has an interest in the popular modern Korean music and the other related things that this site has to offer. To start of this introduction though, let me simply define ‘K-Pop Music’. K-Pop is short for Korean pop. The now commonly used Korean term for this style of music is ‘Gayo’. Although gayo really means any music in the Korean language, it has become commonly used to refer simply to K-pop music and is short for ‘inky gayo’, or popular music.

So what is the big deal anyway? Well not only has Korean Pop Music become ever growingly popular in Korea, but it has been gaining much fame world wide as well. Korean Pop Singers, or Gasoos in Korean, are know for their unique and hip style of music. Gasoos take all kinds of music, especially from Western styles, and add their own twists and styles to it. If you ever come to Korea, you will see how wide spread these styles are. Every other kid can break dance (I can do all the basics, windmills, flares, turtles, freezes, etc.), and most everyone wants to see the stars or even be a Gasoo themselves. The music combines all the great music from around the world and turns it into a spectacular form of art.

Well, that is what this site is for, it is for all those die hard Gayo lovers who can’t get enough of their favorite stars. Here, you can see tons of photos of them and listen to and buy their music. You can find out all sorts of interesting background information on them, and even find out what the latest gossips and news are. You can get in touch with the other fans out there and much, much more. The possibilities are endless with this site because you the viewers can control what goes on here. Yes, that’s right, this site could not and would not be possible if there weren’t all the fans, so we need your help to keep K-Pop and this site going.

Be sure to send all your requests for things on this page because that’s just what goes on here, the things people ask to see. Also, many things wouldn’t be here if we didn’t get anything from our visitors as well, so please share all that you have with us here at asianfashion.com, submit anything you can that will be a benefit to everyone else, that includes anything from multimedia files, to news, to reviews or simply your constant support. But the best way to help is to join the asianfashion.com team. Yep, we are always looking for people who want to help contribute to the site, so if feel you’ve got what it takes to help out, simply contact us at [email protected] See you inside, and be sure to visit often to see all the updates. And don’t forget to join the mailing list and sign the guest book to let us know you’ve been hear!