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A Pink has sent their cheerful Chuseok greetings to fans.

The seven members had an interview with Star News, where they all dressed up in different hanboks according to their personal style.

A Pink said, “We hope everyone gets together with their family during the Chuseok holiday and have a great time. We also hope that people make many wishes to the full moon and enjoy a year full of good things.”

 Member Jung Eunji said, “Seeing my mother and father means a lot, so I’d be happy with doing anything. My mother said this is the Chuseok she is looking forward to the most, so she is making steamed galbi and dumplings. I am looking forward to it, and I’m also feeling a little nervous.”

Yoon Bomi said, “I’m planning to take a family photo with everyone. I have pictures from when I was younger, but not from recent times. I would even take a sticker photo if I had to.”

When asked about their wishes for this holiday, the girls replied, “We want the rookie award for this year.” Hong Yookyung said, “Even though everyone is having a hard time, I hope everyone stays strong. If I’m going to be greedy, I would like the rookie award.”

Jung Eunji added, “I hope we get the rookie award, too. Also, I hope people love our next album.”

To wrap up, A Pink sent a final message to their fans: “We are working towards having our next album come out in October. In order to show a more improved version of ourselves, we’ve all been working on our weak parts, so please look forward to it.”