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Its been a problem to most idol group members, as it is the final exam period in Korea. Just like the rookie girl group A Pink, aside from their leader, Chorong, the other members are all students. Even though they are busy promoting their follow-up single, the members can be seen walking around with a book in their hand and inside their dorm, you can find many books lying there and you can see them teaching each other in different subjects.

Member Nae Eun who is attending a contemporary arts high school, finished her exams early because she took practical exams, she stated,“In our waiting room, in our dorm, whenever I had time, I prepared for my tests.” Because to her lack of sleep, Na Eun added to say while her eyes half closed, “After our debut, there wasn’t enough time to practice everything for our follow up promotions and study at the same time. Honestly, I was scared because I didn’t get to study that much. This made me think that I really had to study.  I asked my parents for reference books and now I am studying in our dorm. It was really difficult but once I made up my mind to do well, I was able to push through it.”

Ha Young, their youngest member who is still in the middle school had stated, “There are a lot of members that like math so when I don’t know a problem I’ll always ask“. Also, there is an older fan who give her a gift set of reference books with a note, “work hard and become an admirable person”

A Pink is not the only group that suffered from this. Even the management officials are having a hard time to organize their schedules, and of course, school is their first priority. One management official stated, “Even about 5-6 years ago it seemed that they were more lenient to celebrities, but it isn’t like that at all anymore. In life, academics are a very important aspect as well. There are some broadcasts that we are disappointed in having to miss out on, but we are trying very hard to make school a priority.”