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From a recent interview with Sports DongA, rookie idol group A.KOR confirmed  their thoughts on  changing their concept to their international fans, and shares their admiration for trending idol group EXID.

Kemy said about EXID, “We went around to military base events and promoted around the same time as EXID and we were very jealous. We were able to see that if you really work hard consistently, then at one point your work will shine. EXID is like our living textbook. We also want to become a group that can have an impact on other idol groups.” 

From their change in concept- from hip-hop girls to bubbly girl-next-door and talking about  their recently released single “Always,” Da Ya said, “The dark and strong image that we’ve shown in the past, it’s not something that other girl groups can easily follow. So we take pride in [the concept]. I can’t be saying that one is better than the other, but one thing is the same and that is that we want to look pretty in front of our fans.” 

While being  interviewed, the A.KOR members also talked about their international fan base and their popularity overseas. It was also reported that  a large percentage of  their fans says 70%  of them are based overseas and the group has caught the attention of many fans overseas rather than  that of  domestic fans.

Minjoo said, “Because of the K-Pop wave, we’ve gained international fans. They would send us cakes and even come see us at our first broadcasting from overseas. We would receive a more passionate response from overseas than in Korea so it was interesting.”

Meanwhile, A.KOR has just recently made a sexy comeback and bubbly single, entitled “Always” and the girls have received a lot of interest for their transformed image.