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The newly debuted group Boyfriend will share you some of their thoughts regarding many things so sit back and enjoy!!
Q. “You all were so popular even before your debut.”
Donghyun: “I think it’s because we have a lot of members who were on TV when they were younger. It was kind of cool meeting people wjp said they’ve been our fan since before our debut. Minwoo has the most popularity out of all of us, since he played the role of ‘Kim Chul Doo’ in the SBS kids drama, ‘Ghost Pang Pang‘. He was really popular with elementary students at the time (laughter).”
Minwoo: “I recently starred in K-Will’s ‘My Heart Is Beating‘ music video with IU. When the music video was first released, my name was up on the internet as IU’s ‘younger man’. People began noticing me a lot more after that.”

Q. “Could you introduce your title track, ‘Boyfriend’?”
Donghyun: “It’s a song by Brave Brothers, who produced our first single. It’s an expression of our desire to be everyone’s boyfriend, to stand beside them and protect them.”

Q. “How did the six of you come together as a team?”
Donghyun: “After ‘Conduct Zero‘ ended, I met up with our current company. After training for five years, I was able to debut as a member of ‘Boyfriend’.”
Hyunsung: “I saw someone play the drums when I was in elementary school, and I thought it was really cool and began pursuing music since then. My original dream was to become a drummer but I switched that in junior high to ’singer’, and began taking vocal lessons. In my third year of high school, I passed an audition and joined as a member of ‘Boyfriend’.”
Jungmin: “I was trained under composer Kim Young Kyu when I was little. I later entered the Youth Arts Festival in Suwon and earned a vocal award. My teacher was able to introduce me, and the introduction of my teacher, I auditioned for our current company and passed.”

Q. “Kwangmin and Youngmin are twins, so why was only Youngmin cast for the role of the younger Jang Dong Gun?”
Youngmin: “The director said that I had filmed more things than my dongseng Kwangmin and chose me.”

Q. “Were you always so tall even when you were little?”
Youngmin: “When I was in my sixth year of elementary school, I was 140 cm. I went through a growth spurt in my second year of junior high, and I’m now 180 cm. My dongseng Kwangmin also went through a growth spurt in junior high.”

Q. “We heard that you dorm together.”
Donghyun: “Living together is really fun, but there’s one thing that’s uncomfortable. Hyunsung and I have to lose weight while the dongsengs are so skinny, they have to gain weight. The dongsengs will come home after completing our schedules and eat a lot, but Hyunsung and I can only watch them eat.”

Q. “What was the most difficult part of your training?”
Jungmin: “I lived in Suwon then, so for a full year, I had to travel back and forth from Suwon and Seoul. Physically, it was really difficult.”

Q. “Are you close with any celebrities?”
Jungmin: “We’re close with our labelmate seniors, K.Will and SISTAR.”
Donghyun: “I go to Myungji University with the Wonder Girls‘ Yubin so we’re pretty close. We’ve been friends since before Yubin’s debut. Super Junior’s Sungmin and SISTAR’s Bora are also in our department.”

Q. “Is there anything your agency tells you to especially do?”
Donghyun: “Our CEO always tell us to greet everyone. We also can’t date, haha.”

Q. “What are your goals for the year?”
Boyfriend: “We think it’s still difficult for us to win #1 on a music program. However, we do want to win a rookie award at the year-end awards ceremonies. We want to pursue music that is entirely Boyfriend in style.”