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As you all know, it was previously reported that boy group Big Bang will going to hold their Japan tour that was named “Love and Hope 2011” and was scheduled this coming May of the current year. They are expected to have a total of seven concerts that will begin on the 10th and 11th of May in Osaka, will continue on May 13 to May 15 at Makuhari Messe and will ending the tour on 17th and 18th of May in Nagoya.

The truth is, the tour was originally titled to be “Love and Pain 2011”, but it was then renamed in respect and in pay for tribute to the tragedy of 9.0 magnitude earthquake that had shaken the country of Japan last month.

Since the said tragedy had happened, the fans of the group had started to plead the management company of Big Bang which is YG Entertainment to postpone the tour of the group, as Japan was and is still having some strong aftershocks and was facing the possibility of nuclear disaster. But despite these pleas, YG entertainment has not take any action about it and fans had then decided to start a petition in order to protect their idol group.

YG fans had launched www. foresafebb.com on the 10th of April in order to facilitate a petition that displays their strong disagreement to the Japan concert tour of Big Bang. The petition was closed on the 17th of April and over the span of seven days there is 4319 Korean VIPS, 1585 Japanese VIPs and 1601 Universal Music fans had signed the said petition. All of the completed petition was sent to YG Korea, YG Japan and Universal Music Japan alongside with all of their message for the tour to be postponed and for them to be heard.

Fans are also in the current process of having an official video prior to the petition. With the strong disagreement of the fans, the decision will be still on the hands of YG Entertainment whether they will be going to ignore the pleas or just agree with it.