Home » 4minute’s HyunA talks about her baby face

Recently, 4minute’s HyunA satdown for an interview with Seoul NTN, in where she expressed her thoughts about being matured and leaving the baby face acts. She stated, “I stopped maturing at 14; my facial features haven’t changed since then. Because my facial development finished so early, people would often say to me, ‘Baby face didn’t change’, which always saddened me. Now that I’m finally 20 this year, more and more people are telling me that my face is finally matching my age, which I like hearing.”

Members of the group were also known for being beautiful even bare faced as their passport pictures were revealed, but HyunA stated, “I recently made a new passport, so I don’t think that’s the case anymore.”

She continued, “My last passport picture was during my chubbier childhood babyface days. But now that 4minute participates in a lot of traveling with more schedules overseas, we thought airport authorities could begin questioning my passport picture so we decided to get it updated.”