Home » 4minute’s HyunA expresses thoughts about her recent elimination in Dancing with the Stars!

Recently, many were disappointed when 4minute’s HyunA was eliminated from MBC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars‘. The singer received the lowest score on the last week’s episode causing her to be truly eliminated on the competition. It seems that because of her recent solo comeback, she hasn’t had enough time to practice for the show, and even her dancing partner , Nam Ki Yong, revealed that he even practiced alone a lot of time because the singer was so busy.

HyunA then shared her thoughts and said, “I’m disappointed because there were so many things I wanted to share on stage, but didn’t get a chance to do.” She added, “I woke up on the 15th and realized that it was the day of my performance. I already knew that it’d be the day I would be eliminated, so I told myself I wouldn’t shed any tears this time.”

Though she ended up crying her heart, her dancing partner continued to console her after the elimination. Then HyunA commented, “To my dancing partner Nam Kiyong whom I called ‘teacher,’ we can really be friends now.”