Home » 4minute’s HyunA commented about wrapping up her promotions

This week, 4minute’s HyunA concluded nearly 50 days of promotions for her solo album  with her follow-up song, “Just Follow” with Zico of Block B.

She began, “As busy as I’ve been with my promotions, I think time went by just as fast.  It doesn’t feel like it’s the end of my solo activities yet. There is a lot of disappointment, but I’m glad to have been able to show a side of me that I usually couldn’t. I’m happy to be ending my promotions amidst much love.”

When asked about her dramatic weight loss (recorded to be 39 kg at her lowest), she replied, “After I suddenly lost a lot of weight, I was met with a drop in stamina. Before, I had to go through about 20 rounds of my choreography before I was out of breath but now it gets tiring for me after just one stage.”

On promoting with 4minute again, she said, “I was lonely because I’m always with my members but had to be away from them. We couldn’t spend as much time as we used to so it was disappointing, but I’m glad to be back with them again.”

Due to her schedule, she also wasn’t able to attend 4minute’s Chungpyung MT.  “I promised the members to all go on a trip together but I wasn’t able to go because of my solo activities. They went with our A Pink dongsaengs and it seems like they all got very close when they came back.”

Jokingly, she added, “I was a bit upset that they had so much fun that they didn’t notice my absence. Although I couldn’t join them this time, I’m going to make sure that we can all have a lot fun with 4minute next year.”