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After a very long hiatus, girl group 4minute are finally back just like a hot issue on KBS’s Music Bank. Whether it is because of the lightings or the voracious song, “Heart to Heart” or just the powerful feeling of listening to “Mirror Mirror”, the girls definitely showed up a great twist to their charismatic images.

“Heart to Heart” definitely blends the members of the girl group individual tastes to become one of the most energetic track that can captivates very listener, while their song “Mirror Mirror” shows the great mature changes of the girls as they reached their 20s with a kind of unique but energetic beat.

Despite of that, the girls had expressed their anxiety about the comeback, saying “Making a comeback after a long hiatus makes us nervous, to be honest.” They added, “Even anxious.” “Making our comeback in Korea is a big burden for us.  While other girl groups worked nonstop, we took a break for a year. They confessed, “Because of this, our biggest worry is that fans might have forgotten us.”

For the new album of the group, they had expressed, “Through this album, we’re trying to become closer with our fans.  We made the choreography easy so that fans could follow along.  We want to be the 4minute that fans want to hear.”

This is also the reason why they had picked “Heart to Heart” as the tile of their song, “The song really talks about a girl’s emotions.  We were really satisfied with that song, it marks the first time that love is the theme of one of our songs.  Before that, most of our songs were about one’s self.” Finally, to conclude, they said, “We hope that you receive our new concept with love.  From now on, we will maintain our unique colors and show you the different sides of 4minute.”

Their “Heart to Heart” and shadow title track “Mirror Mirror” are expected to climbed up the real-time charts within this days. Make sure to check their songs and support the come back of the group. We are sure that all their hard works will be paid off.