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On 21st of June, 2PM shared their stories about girls with an interview. Nichkhun who is currently with  f(x)’s Victoria for We Got Married had started, “Through filming for the show with Victoria, I was able to learn a lot more about women. For example, I learned how to present women with special events when they aren’t feeling too happy.” And also added, “I’ve grown very fond of Victoria. I feel like we’ve become good friends, and think that is the reason we are able to naturally show skinship. It’s been a year since we’ve met but we still sometimes feel awkward around each other. There’s also a side to me that’s timid and shy.”

Member Wooyoung who was a part of Dream High together with IU stated,  “After people found out that I had taken IU out for dinner, things became uncomfortable between us. When I sent her a text saying, “Do you hate me”, she replied back with, “We’re fine now”, but didn’t text me again after that. When we see each other at a broadcasting station, she’ll just give me a quick smile and run away.” He also continued, “We’re just friends but I think I’m maybe trying too hard to become better friends with her.”

And when the members asked about girlfriends, Wooyoung replied, “I don’t think that there is anything wrong with having a girlfriend.”And also added, “From a singer’s point of view, without any relationship experience, it would be difficult to express your sincere feelings while singing a song, so I think it would be a lie for us to say that we have absolutely no previous relationship experience.”

Member Junho also shared, “I think carrying out a relationship with the little time you have requires true talent“, to which Taecyeon jokingly replied, “I think you’re all praising yourselves a bit too much.”