Home » 2ne1’s reached 2.2 tons of rice wreaths!

Having started the first date for their three day concert yesterday, 2NE1 continues to be a hot topic online after their rice wreaths reached at least 2.2. tons. 

To celebrate 2NE1's concerts, close friends and fans of the group sent in their congratulory rice wreaths for the event. According to reports, the rice wreaths donated weighed a total of 2.2. tons and even gained more attention for having wreaths sent in by their international fans as well. There were rice wreaths sent by their fans from the United States, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan. 

The number of international fansites supporting the event were also discussed online as the side entrance of the Olympic Hall were all packed with wreaths, which came from the site, 2NE1 Fans United. It is a fansite which gathered thousands of 2NE1's fans that came from different countries all over the world. 

2NE1, who passed by the venue on the 26th were surprised with the number of rice wreaths present and took photos of the gifts along the way. The 2.2 tons of rice collected at the event is said to be donated to a facility in which YG Entertainment and 2NE1 sponsors. 

Just last night, 2NE1' s Dara uploaded a photo of rice wreath given by her brother Thunder from MBLAQ. With the trend of giving rice wreaths to official events and then handed out to charity continues to be popular, JYJ's Jaejoong and his fans still holds the record of donating the most rice wreaths (6.56 tons) from the press conference of "Protect The Boss."

Meanwhile, 2NE1 continues their three day concert in South Korea, which is set to end tomorrow. 

credits: koreaboo