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The girl group 2NE1 is currently preparing for their very first concert in South Korea after they had just finished performing in the Philippines, weeks ago. The group’s younger member, Minzy had just asked their fans for a help. On the 25th of June, the singer posted on her twitter account, asking their fans on what would be the good title for their nearing debut concert.

She posted it in Japanese, Tagalog and English with a picture of them. After the fans saw it, they immediately replied their own suggestions and even now there are still some who are giving their own preferences for the concert. It seems that it is good this way as if she is saying that the concert will be only for their fans.

Recently, the group’s management company, YG Entertainment had released further details regarding the group’s solo concert that will be held at Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Park this coming 27th and 28th of August. This event is expected to have at least 4,000 attendees and later promised that this concert will bring excitement and fulfillment to the fans.
Have you also tried to give your suggestion?