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31312790Good news to all Blackjacks! Our GZB, 2ne1‘s leader CL will be debuting in the U.S Market as a solo artist and not only that, she will be working with the famous Scooter Braun, which handles famous artists namely, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and ofcourse none other than the Korean Sensation Psy which is also her labelmate from YG Entertainment.

According to the media outlet Star News on October 16, CL has been recording and finished some songs for her debut and she is planning to release a single in the U.S. this 2015, Spring.


The reason she was scouted by Scooter Braun was because of her rapping skills, fashion sense, and English fluency.

CL’s agency, YG Entertainment confirmed the news through Ten Asia with the statement:

It’s true that CL is releasing a new solo track in the States next spring.”

Blackjacks! Are you ready to full support our GZB? Who’s excited on this debut? Not only will this be a pride of Kpop but also a pride for Asians <3