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2NE1's Dara for Etude
The K-pop group 2NE1 recently finished a photo shoot for their product endorsement.  The girls are the latest models for camera brand Nikon.  The photos from the photo shoot were leaked in some online communities. The girls were snapped promoting Nikon, which they have been endorsing in the past year.  Sandara is featured in the newest CF “Dara’s a Shot A Day Portrait.”  
Dara is also the image model for Korean cosmetic brand Etude.  The Etude brand released their official poster for COOOL Skin World Championships.  Dara together with the members of SHINee will be featured on Etude’s YouTube channel.  Etude House showed some of their official photos and behind-the-scene clips of the web drama.  The drama is called “Kiss Note” featuring different scenes with Dara and SHINee.
2NE1 was invited to attend the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on June 18. The members of 2NE1 will be the panelists for the seminar called “Cheil Worldwide: Korean Wave Through Digital Wave.”
2NE1 for Nikon   
They will talk about the phenomenon of Korean Pop. The organizers of the event will touch on the topics about the Hallyu wave and marketing strategies in globalizing the K-pop wave.  2NE1 was chosen to be the panelists because of their contribution to the Hallyu wave not only in Korea but around the world. The K-pop group is also famous for their amazing talent and fashion style. The K-pop group is under the supervision of YG Entertainment.  The agency is keen on promoting the Hallyu wave throughout the world with the use of social media sites like Facebook. 
2NE1 for Nikon
The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is an event that is flocked by many advertisers around the globe.  The event will hold seminars for a week, which features many categories.  2NE1 was favored as the best K-pop group in a government poll.  The survey was conducted in Paris where respondents chose from many K-pop groups per category.
2NE1 released their Japanese single and album called “Best”.  The single will be released in three versions with two tracks.  The tracks include “Scream” and other songs to be added.  A footage of their vacation is also included in their DVD version. The full album will be released in four versions, including 10 songs and a Japanese track.  Here are the songs included in the album: Scream, Fire, I Don’t Care, Follow Me, Love is Ouch, Clap Your Hands, Go Away, I Am The Best, Ugly and It Hurts.

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