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Are you lonely? It feels so empty without him that is why you would just to love to hear 2Ne1’s new song “Lonely”. After the group’s management company, YG Entertainment had finished releasing the teasers of the members for the past couple of days; they had finally released the music video of the group for “Lonely” which is a raw track that is only accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a string auxiliary.

Once you heard the word “Lonely”, maybe the first thing that will come up in your brain is that it is a break up song, but your guess is wrong. The song is like a confession and absolutely not a break up song. It tells you a story of a girl in a relationship with a perfect guy, yet for who knows the reason; she can feel emptiness invading her soul. She is confused in everything, lost in this world and very much lonely even though there is this guy with him.

The lyrics of the song are greatly written as you can understand it immediately as the girl’s come up with her hesitation and frustration until she finds the true reality of what is happening. “I don’t know, I don’t know why I’m like this.” The members of the girl group had each portrayed the same lonely girl, wandering around the empty streets while getting off this confession on her chest and though she does not have enough courage to tell this to his face directly.

The uses of color, lightings and mist throughout the whole music video had shown the true vocals of the group and the emotions that they are trying to show. Though it is just too bad that the group will not be going to promote the song onstage but it is expected that it is because there will be another release of song.

Netizens who had shown the music video had commented, “the music video is so great..their voices is just too heavenly that you can feel the pain of the girl” and “this is so good, I love their voices”

Check out the music video below!