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Time flies by and it is already the 1,000th day since 2AM had made their debut in 2008. 2AM is four-member ballad group under the JYP Entertainment with Jinwoon, Jo Kwon, Seulong and Changmin as its members respectively.

On April 6th, 2AM’s leader Jo Kwon had tweeted, “2AM is everything in my life. It has been 1,000 days since we have debuted. I’m just really thankful… With this heart, I still sing today.”

Their twitter accounts have been flooded by congratulatory tweets and some great wishes both coming from their fans and some colleagues that they knew. Their producer and mentor, Bang Shi Hyuk also tweeted his congratulatory words for the boy band, “Today is 2AM’s 1,000th day as a group. They kept running to be where they are today. Please congratulate the four friends who’ve reached their 1000th day, Jo Kwon, Changmin, Seulong, and Jinwoon ^^?.”

Wonder Girl’s Sunye had also expressed in her account, “I sincerely congratulate 2AM’s 1,000th day..^^ I hope you keep receiving lots of love with your precious music..?“, at the same time with her other member, Hyerim who commented, “Today’s our 2AM oppas’ 1,000th debut day~~? Congratulations *^^*.”

There is also Miss A’s Min who had known Jo Kwon since their trainee days wrote on her twitter, “Congratulations on your 1,000th day. Keep running to your 2,000th and 10,000th day.”

There is also T-ara’s Eunjung who said, “Oh..Congratulations! You all have been sparkling since your debut day” and G.NA who had expressed, “Kwon! Congrats with all my heart! Keke it has been awhile ^^. I hope to see you soon ke hwaiting.”

There are also some tweets coming from 2AM’s fans as well as the Netizens who had commented, “I can’t believe it has been 1000 days already. I’ve never expected this day to come”, “2AM, you have suffered a lot! Congrats”, “I don’t think it has been long since you’ve debuted but congrats, let’s fly higher!”, “2AM I love you“and more inspirational tweets that surely melted 2AM’s hearts.

The group has debuted on the past July 11, 2008 with their single ‘This Song’.