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Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In reveals her fans’ reaction to her lighter makeup for her recent comeback.

On Ga In’s recent showcase for her new comeback with the album “End Again,” the Brown Eyed Girls’ member talks about the MV of her new track “Carnival” by saying, “It is a music video which gives off a pure feeling based on my standards.”

She also adds, “In most of my music videos, whenever I close my eyes, my makeup was thick that it tends to look like another pair of eyes were drawn on. Still, this time, I wanted to try a different image from my normal image.”

Ga In 3

Ga In also adds, “Whenever my makeup gets light, my fans would get shocked. What is more is that they would even show concern. That is why I wondered whether I should do my makeup strong to the extent that lighter makeup became a challenge for me.”

When MC Muzie then asks the viewers, “Do you hate Ga In’s light makeup?” When the fans gave a lukewarm response, Ga In then jokes, “Don’t get embarrassed. Since this will be out on broadcast, just act like you always do.”

Meanwhile, Ga In has recently released the first of her two-part studio album, “End Again,” on September 9 while the second part will be released at a later time. She has also released the music video for her promotional track, “Carnival.”

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