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Park Yoochun was first known when he joined TVXQ in 2003. Although, the group is the Asian leading idol group of all time, he, together with Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong, using the name JYJ, leave their company because of some issues, but will forever stay as the member of the group.

As an actor, Yoochun started of with 2010’s drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal in which created and gained a lot awards coming from different ceremonies, proving that the singer is not only good in singing but also in acting. This is also the drama that help JYJ to step up in the stage for the very first time to sing an OST of the show. Now, Yoochun is dealing with his current drama, Miss Ripley, making another way in getting much awards in the new field he is currently on.

Raemong Raein’s representative, Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s production company, Kim Dong Rae stated, “Although he already has the requirements of being a good actor, we did not expect that (his) first handling of history drama can be completed so well. With the practical and stability of practicing his lines everyday for 8 hours, with his large stage experiences and thus no fear of camera filming, fast adapting to the character, etc, there were lots of such virtues. Most importantly, when facing strong challenges, (he) has strong determination and passion. In the future, if (he) is able to be patient and seriously choose his works and creating, he would have the quality of becoming an even better actor.”