Home » Yoo Seung Ho reveals his ideal type!

Recently, actor Yoo Seung Ho revealed his ideal type. Today, the actor guested on the MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News‘, where he promoted the “The Hen who Left the Yard” which is a best selling book that they turned on an animated movie. And he is proud to revealed that he is the one behind the voice of ‘Chorok‘, the rebel duck.

Since the actor is not so young anymore, and a full grown man now, he was asked about his ideal type in which he answered truthfully. He revealed, “I like girls who are about 163cm (5’4?), has a short bob hairstyle, and looks good in just jeans and a white t-shirt”, which surprises the people there.

He also revealed, “I don’t really like long, straight hair…”, that makes more people become curious.