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It seems that the year of 2011 is a year of Korean movies as almost every week there is news for an upcoming one. For the current line up of all the Korean movies, recently, there is a new one titled, Characters that is announced to be directed by Son Kwang Ju. The movies doesn’t still have any release date in Korea but the artists that will be playing the roles in this movie are already chosen, they are Kim Soo Hyeon IV, Anastasia Kim, Lee Hwan, Hwang Eun Soo, Min Kyeong Jin, Lee Eung Jae and many others.

As stated, the story will goes on as once emerging writer, Soo Yeon is currently living by working as an assistant scriptwriter for an expected great box office hit maker, Moh. Even though there is a repeating mushy stories that is full of stereotypical Characters, Moh still wants to always believe that his film will be able to have something new and to be based on the life’s reality. That is the main reason on why Moh and Soo Yeon feel exhausted and tired. Soo Yeon had carefully dreams to set free the Characters from story but she then realize that her dream is only viewed as a feminine pride in reality.

IFFRotterdam had reviewed it, stating, “Clever and moving play with double mirrors. A melancholy female scriptwriter is working with a narcissistic director on a new script. A personal ode to ambition and perseverance in the creative process, but also an ironic deconstruction of the vain laziness with which scripts are often made”

For the awards and screenings, it will be on 2011 Jeonju International Film Festival in Korea, 2011 Festival International Films de Femmes de Créteil in France, 2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam and 2009 KOFIC Independent Film Production Support.

Since the released date is still unknown, many had already speculated that this will be in the mid year of 2011, but those are still rumors and will be continue as rumors until the production staff of the movie released the official date for Characters. Stay tuned for more details.