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Kim Sung Hoon, director of the box office film “Tunnel”, has nothing but praises for lead actress Bae Doona.

On a recent interview, “Tunnel” director Kim Sung Hoon praises actress Bae Doona for her professionalism.

He shares, “Bae Doona is shy when talking about her bare face. She shares that she only wears very basic makeup. There is basic makeup which is used right at the beginning and at the end of the film. It is the kind of plain, everyday makeup which a mother would wear. Bae Doona was really bare faced the entire time in the film except those scenes.”

The director also reveals, “What kind of wife would arrive at her husband’s accident site having a full face makeup on? Bae Doona says that she did what would be realistic. She also does not like for makeup to hide her emotions. It is not CGI (Computer-generated imagery). But, she really did appear pale and exhausted.”

He adds, “I was always impressed with Bae Doona’s performance. I just felt a bit sorry that I could not film her more so that she would come out prettier.”

Meanwhile, the drama thriller movie, “Tunnel” which features Bae Doo Na, Ha Jung Woo, and Oh Dal So is currently gaining success as it drew a total of three million viewers in just six days from its premiere.

Actress Bae Doo Na is known for her roles in the international films, “Cloud Atlas” and “Jupiter Ascending.” She is also currently starring in the Netflix TV series, “Sense8.”